Lock In: In response to this week's Vergecast

I just heard this week (which of this post is last week's) Vergecast. What stuck out to me (other than Topolsky's deep lack of Windows Phone understanding ;-) ) was the brief conversation about steady growth of ecosystem lock in. I kind of agree that users should be able to use the services they want on the devices they have. But I also know that in a lot of ways this is kind of our own fault. This isn't to say that Google, Apple, and Microsoft couldn't play nicer together; recognize that they really share the same customers. But we kind of dug our own holes here.

We complain about an OS not having this feature or that and we judge platforms on having features that sometimes could be better served by third parties. We say we want something that isn't the iPad or we want to see competition; but we don't support competition (and yes I know a lot of them sucked or weren't prepared but that's beside the point). I mean when all of us waited for hours in lines wrapping around corners for iPhones and iPads; we ended the conversation about App stores. When we overwhelmingly stick to one service, we end the conversation about choice. And when we create artificial doors closing on markets, we end conversations on competition.

All our actions tell these companies that this is what we want. We can say we want open all day long, but our buying habits tell the market and the OEMs the most important thing to them, what we are willing to buy.

Until all the players in the market feel comfortable enough to extend their services unto other platforms, we will get lock in. And until we as buyers place an interest on platforms that allow more open practices the lock in will continue