This is the Best "Insert New Gadget Here" We've ever made! Well.....Duh!!

Maybe it's just me or does the comment by Apple and other Tech Sites seem a bit dimwitted when they all proclaim that Apple's next iteration of a gadget is Apple's best EVER!! Ummm...should that not be expected? It's obviously marketing muck (that I have to say works quite well) because nearly every Tech article basically says, "The iPhone 5 was a bit underwhelming, but it's still the BEST iPhone ever made!" It just seems like tech reporters and Apple are treating us all like a herd of idiots by stating the obvious. Nontechies, probably read the article and come away with, "This is the best phone EVER.. see this guy said it right here in his review....." Which, I have to agree, the iPhone 5 is a Great phone...but let's simply stop with the "It's the BEST we've ever built!!" cheerleading. It makes me gag.