Windows Phone Secret Sauce

Okay we have our first set of WP8 devices from HTC, Nokia, and Samsung so all that left to know is what are the new features in Windows Phone 8. Outside the biggest news, the move from an Embedded OS to Windows NT we know little. We know that Windows Phone 8 will introduce Lens applications, Xbox will take over the Zune Music/Video services, and we will get SmartGlass.

But what else are they holding back? I mean was the leaked SDK from a few months back the final version? We know from that about Groups and the Kids corner. We also know from the leak that we get a few more personalization choices with color and a new Data monitoring app. Now if this is all the stuff they are hiding, we know this and they should spill.

I also wonder which apps will be fully WP8 ready at launch; the applications held up as examples. So far it appears The NY Times, CNN, Michelin food Guide, and Skype are among the few. Personally I'm hoping the AppEx team ports the Bing apps to WP8. I also hope the team takes over the mail app.

I know some have theorized that Microsoft is being tight lipped because of Xbox features (I doubt it), but maybe we will see some things not seen in the leaks. For example on WP Central, it was reported that WP8 could bring users the ability to create their own Hubs/Folders as well as change both Tile and Background colors.

So what does everyone else think? Are there some new features in WP8 or has the leaks revealed everything we need to know?