HTC, Nokia, and Microsoft seemed to have fooled everyone.

I finally listened to the Vergecast this week. Also I followed a lot of news outlets covering the new HTC and Nokia sort of pseudo rivalry that popped up.

And I think its funny.

Here's Windows Phone with little market share, a struggling HTC and Nokia.....and a sort of rivalry that popped up with lots of attention on it.

Microsoft "SCHOCKED" yes "SHOCKED" every body by calling HTC the signature OEM for Windows Phone.

But what happened to Nokia and Microsoft relationship? Weird right? People were calling out HTC for copying Nokia, and some sort of rivalry has come out of it. Now Nokia and HTC are battling for Windows Phone supremacy.

Lets all take a step back. Look at all the extra attention that it brought back to the platform. I would not be surprised if Microsoft, HTC, and Nokia were colluding in all of this. Nokia had to have known that this was going to happen. Samsung is in this half heartedly. If Windows Phone has half of the share that Android does, and its Nokia and HTC doing all the business then all 3 of them win.

I actually think Microsoft interjected on purpose with Nokia's approval to help push the platform to the benefit of all 3 parties.