I love holo

When Google hired Mathias Duarte, I knew that they had something awesome planned for the future. Gingerbread looked like an os designed by developers, while ICS looks like an os developed by true designers. I just love the look of holo. Jelly bean introduced an improved version of it and it looks even better now, with a new search bar, better fonts, and new animations. Holo introduces a very simplistic, futuristic, design and there are more and more holo apps coming out every day. I mean just look at this list http://www.androidpolice.com/2012/08/22/41-best-and-1-wtf-new-android-apps-from-the-last-2-weeks-8512-82212/ it has 41 new apps and almost all of them are holo themed. Maybe in a few months or so there will only be holo themed apps in the play store; and that's what I want. To me holo just looks better than the competition. I wrote this thread because I feel that holo doesn't get as much appreciation or recognition as metro does, and holo really should get the same recognition. Please share your thoughts below.

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