Polynauts The Movie: Episode IV - A New....Reboot (9/24 - 9/30)

Howdy folks.. Its a new week, with new stories, and new ideas.... and so on. This is also a special week for me as this is possibly one o the most awesomenes weeks ever. Three of my fav shows are back on the air this week (Greys Anatomy, HOMELAND, and YOUNG JUSTICE) As well as it is my birthday on Wednesday . As well as a slew of other shows. Most notably all of ABC's wed's night comedy line up, and a few other shows are premiering as well. So lets get in to it folks.

News & Things

So IGN had this nifty little about the top ten movie reboots. While most of the list is on point. I don't know if I would say there number one is the best.

Are you still a big wrestling fan? Do you have Hulu Plus? Well good news for you, Hulu Plus will be getting WWE content added to it's site a day after it airs. So now you wont miss out on any of the drama.

Also with Paramount and Hasbro talking about adding new robots for Transformers 4, Michael Bay confirms that the only Bot we care about will be back. Peter Cullen will once again voice Prime. Bay also said he only came back because he didn't want someone else to come a mess up what he already did....... I know laugh. Check out the interview here.

Also out on DVD,BluRay this week is the summers biggest, bestest, most baddass..es movie. The Avengers. Yes the day before my birthday this drops. Is that not the best present ever?

Shows of the Week

Here is the list of Shows I'll either be watching or looking into. Not the times here are for US so check your listings for times, or for when you may need to download them, if thats your thing.

Boardwalk Empire (Sundays at 9pm on HBO)

So the season premier was last week. O. M. G. It amazes me how well this show has surprised me. It's a very slow turn, like mostly anything Scorsese does. I think the craters have done a interesting job with the way these characters have progressed so far. If you are not watching this get on it now.

Bones (Mondays at 9pm on FOX)

I've always been up and down with this show. While I love it and love the characters. David Boreanaz is still Angel to me. Not seeing him go all bumpy head is a bit of a set back. Now 8 seasons in it does not look like it will slow any bit.

Of all shows this week. I highly recommend Last Resort. I saw the premier last week and I was pleasantly surprised by it. Plus Autumn Reaser is in it and she is a fox.

This weeks premiers are..

  • Castle (9/24 on ABC at 10pm)
  • New Girl (9/25 on Fox at 9pm)
  • Persons of Interest (9/27 on CBS at 9PM)
  • Elementary (American Sherlock, not the good BBC version) ( 9/27 on CBS at 10pm)
  • Last Resort (9/27 on ABC at 8pm)
  • Fringe (9/28 on FOX at 9pm)
  • Grimm (New episodes will resume 9/28 on NBC at 9pm)
  • Young Justice (9/29 on 10am Cartoon Network)
  • Homeland (9/30 on Showtime at 10pm)
  • Dexter (9/30 on Showtime at 9pm)
  • Once Upon a Time (9/30 on ABC at 8pm)

Ok that was just a new list of things to come this week alone. After this week we should be in full TV swing.

Movie of the Week
Last week brought us the awesome ass Dreed...which I admit I doubted. But you should go see it. And while you are out check out End of Watch as well. It was not as bad as I thought it would be. But this week we have possibly the next most amzing thing you will see Looper.

Need I say more?

Coming Soon

There is really only one movie coming this year that we all care about right? I know you seen the first trailer and probably this one. If you haven't watch it, if you have, watch it again... then again. Because from the smallest beginnings comes the greatest legends.

The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey Trailer 2

I don't think I've been more excited for a film since.... well since, Avengers. I recently watched the Trilogy again this past summer and at times it can feel a little dry. Mostly in the action from some characters (Frodo, Sam) However Martin Freeman was and is such a great choice. Not only was Bilbo a more interesting character than Frodo, but Freeman has the chops to pull off some amazing things. I can not wait to see this. How bout you?

Weekend Box Office

  1. House At The End of The Street
  2. End of Watch
  3. Trouble With the Curve
  4. Finding Nemo 3D
  5. Resident Evil: Retrubition

I'm a little sad that Dredd didn't make the top 5.

Go Check Out

Since it was brought up before in Crisis , and in last weeks thread
The Dark Knight Returns Part 1
It is highly recommended you take a look here. As we have stated before it is in a run for best Batman Animated film of late. Right up there with Under Red Hood.

This next movie is possibly one of my favs of the past few years. What I call a good surprise. It has something anyone can enjoy. If you have not see it yet, watch it. If you have a significant other (or someones pants you want to get in) this is very much a solid flick that both parties will enjoy.

Wild Target

It stares not only the beautiful Emily Blunt (who is also in Looper) but Bill Nighy who lets not kid ourselves is awesome in everything. It also has Bilbo Baggins himself Martin Freeman, but in a surprise twist the most stand out of this bunch. Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley). I was fondly amazed but his performance. Mostly because seeing him in a Harry Potter movie for the past 8 years made me not even take him serious. Regardless this the performances are top notch, the writing is well thought out, and even though it's a simple love story it's one with heart. So go watch enjoy and have a lough.

There you have it folks. Another week down. Another to come. See you all next monday.