I Can't Get No (Mobile) Satisfaction

You know the real problem with mobile phones and tablets? Its the fact that we use them like personal computers and we want them to treated as such. But the problem is the parties involve don't view them as such. To carriers and Mobile OEMs, they are devices built to lock you into a two year contract; disposable technology in plastic. Its the reason why they don't care if you get upgraded to the latest version of Android or in the past Windows Mobile and Symbian.

To them if you wanted something you could tweak and hack you should''ve bought a Dell. The only reason iOS is updated the way it is, is because its the OS of iPhone aka the Air Jordan's of tech. I mean the Windows Phone Mango update was covered as if we were seeing some minor miracle; shouldn't this type of thing be a non-issue?

And yet it's not. Now sometimes the argument can be made that an update just can't be done. Like Windows Phone 7.5 to 8 where the kernel is literally being switched out. Or if none of the current hardware meets requirements to run the OS. But it makes no sense that devices built to run JellyBean can't be upgraded to ICS. But that's the world we live in. Carriers don't want people living peacefully on their networks with old phones running new software when they could make money getting you to upgrade. And it works. At least with phones.

Now with tablets I'm sorry these thing are computers. We don't buy these things from ATT and Verizon, we buy them online or go to a Best Buy. And yet we are expected to deal with phone like upgrades, simply because the OS on the tablet is the same as the one in our pocket. Its disheartening.

So what was my point? We want our tablets and phones to be treated like PCs and Macs, up gradable and hackable and the carriers, OEMs, and software makers look at us as if we are leapers. It needs to change

Or maybe I'm just too old for this Bulls#!t