VergeCraft - Stop Splosion

Congrats Splosion,

You have succeeded in making every faction on this server scared of you. Most of them won't admit it, but they are terrified of you. You five individuals have made the server sleep with its night light on, and you continue your raids. I'm not complaining about what you do, because I think its brilliant. You have made your base so secret no one can find you, and you are free to attack whoever and whenever you want. It's allowed in the rules, and I apluad you for what you have done.

But its time to take you down.

This server needs to wake up and acknowledge that they run the game. Because we can not (and most likely will not) find their base, we need to attack them in the open world. I am proposing that every individual on this server helps work together to take Splosion down. We can do this using these steps:

1. When a Splosion member is spotted, immediately report it to public chat. Try to give a description of where you/they are, so we can come.

2. This is the most important part, when a Splosion sighting is reported, stop what you are doing and immediately come to attack them. If we all followed this rule, an army of 40 would be waiting to take them down. Keep in mind that their are only five of them. They may be better fighters, but we can outnumber them. It is very important that we all attack Splosion, even if you are fighting another enemy. Splosion is the greater evil on the server, and it is important that you do your part to help.

I believe if all factions follow these guidelines, we can rat them out and take away any chances they have at being successful on this server. They will have no where they can go without being defeated. I know that I will be a major target of theirs following this post, but I believe that someone had to be brave enough to speak up if we are to win this fight. Please reply to this post if you agree to follow these guidelines, and don't be scared to speak up and take action. If we dont, we shall be playing in fear for the near future.

Thanks, and good luck