I think I want a Big A$$ Tablet

You know I never liked Netbooks; they were just too dinky and badly done for my taste. But I understand why some liked them. Now tablets and touch devices I knew they were cool when I saw one way back in the day. Now I've been looking at the current crop of iPads and Android tablets and I've also been looking at how people in the wild have been using them. What's been interesting is how people still carry a laptop along with their tablets. I mean last week I'm at the library and this guy is trying to type on an iPad with one of those keyboard attachments while he has this ancient HP laptop hooked up to an external hard drive.

Its been funny how we have all kind of went tablet crazy, but its also been cool. And honestly while I like the iPad and honestly the developers and designers on the platform have outdone themselves, Windows 8 makes so much more sens to me. So I've been looking at coming devices

Its funny but with Windows 8, I think you can make a case for a larger tablet. I mean with Windows 8 you could feasibly replace a laptop. And if you are going to take something like the Thinkpad 2 as your new mobile PC wouldn't you want something with a larger screen? Now I am not talking about a 15 inch tablet, but something like the Asus EP121 which was 12 inches.

I know some OEM could do it. My only requirements would be that they create a keyboard dock.

So what do you think, would you be interested in a 12 inch core i5 or i7 tablet?