I just pulled the trigger on a Nexus One (rom suggestions?)

Yes, you read the title correctly. A Nexus One. Why you ask?


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Since I first saw the phone in January 2010, I have wanted one. I waited 6 months for my upgrade (on Verizon) only to have Google back out with the N1 and push the Droid Incredible instead. Due to a long back order I purchased a Droid X on launch day and suffered from a locked bootloader and half-working roms for 2 years. I since switched to ATT and purchased a cyan Lumia 900 (also on launch day). I have never, and continue to not want a phone with a large screen (above 4"). My Lumia suffered a fatal drop this weekend.

I grabbed a refurbished Nexus One for $105 on amazon and am totally stoked for it to arrive. I'm familiar with most of the major android roms (cyanogenmod, MIUI, etc), but have never ran any of them on the N1 hardware (the Droid X had slightly better specs). Anyone here still rocking an N1? If so what version of android/rom etc. ? Is Jellybean too much for this thing to handle? 4.0 was pretty rough on the droid X.

Thanks for your input, can't wait to have my first stock android experience.