Would you pay for timely updates?

I just read an article on the Verge about how Samsung is finally pushing out Jellybean. As an SIII owner, and Sprint customer, that's great news. But when I'll get it is still anybody's guess.

We all know that fragmention is the Achilles heel of Android. Whatever the reasons are, we're just not getting them on time (and that includes some of you Nexus owners as well). Iphone owners have been spoiled with these yearly updates. But let's face it, when you have one company making the phone(s), and the OS. It's not a hard task to implement year after year.

Some Android purists say it's the bastardization of Android because different companies use different internals and skins and are not all uniform in their specs compared to say WP8. Others say it's the carriers being lazy and dragging their feet. Some even blame us the general publc because there's no real demand for updates unless you're a phone geek like us, so why bother.

Personally I think that it's combination of all of this.

So here's my question: If companies had more of a financial incentive to roll out "official" updates in a more timely manner would it make a difference? Say Samsung or HTC charged between $10.00-$15.00 per update or you had the option to enroll in a upgrade program which you would pay a one time fee of say $50.00 and you would be guaranteed 4 updates, once a year , over the life of your phone.Would it be something you would pay for?

Please discuss, and keep it civil please.