The truth about the lightning connector

Apologies for the devious title but in my opinion I believe the lightning connector wasn't shrunk because of "space constraints" but because iPhone accessory sales were declining. That was the word from my friend who works in an Apple retail store in London and the same comments from staff in Selfridges.

It makes sense to me because it's the perfect way to entice new customers as well as force the old ones who no longer needed to buy any more accessories to buy again. In the last year the only new item I had to purchase was an Apple TV for my Samsung Series 8 TV because most of my items were good to go from the first iPhone.

If you look at the internals of iPhone 4, 4S and the 5, you can see that the speakers could've been moved to the top or the 3.5mm audio port could have been moved. Obviously this wouldn't make it look as good as it does now if they did but I'm just trying to set a scenario. I do actually prefer the new smaller connector, I can carry my charger, for example, in my pocket without it taking up too much room. What do you think? Am I believing in fairly tales or could there be some truth in this?