iPhone 5 new screen - undersold by Apple (and in turn by reviewers)

according to the results of the displaymate test

iPhone 5 screen has

- almost perfect sRGB gamut

- lowest reflectance which in combination with

- highest high ambient ligth contrast ever measured by the guys at displaymate means its the best screen to use outside

in combination with the other improvements (it doesn't take a genius to figure out that) its the best screen you can get on the phone.


Yet another review of the iPhone 5 screen. It has unparalleled color precision.


To put this in perspective, in the past few years I've reviewed probably 30-40 different displays, from PC monitors, to TVs to projectors. Not a single one, out of the box, can put up the Gretag Macbeth dE numbers that the iPhone can, and perhaps one projector (which listed for $20,000) can approach the grayscale and color accuracy out of the box.

(and to nit-pick a bit - being a marvel of a display does not deserve a 10 - just like the fastest SoC and smoothest OS out there it does not deserve a 10 for performance)