Rumoured Gizmos in the Database

I imagine that most people who read the Verge do so to find out whats out there. They're comparing the iphone 5 to the Galaxy S3 to figure out what they should buy right now. They're trying to decide which ultrabook they should get.

This is all well and good, but there is a significant number of hardcore gadget nerds who read to find out whats coming. Should I tell my friend to get an iphone 5 or wait for the next nexus? What do we know about the HTC DLX? Is there a successor to the NEX-7? Rather than a round-up, it might have been useful to keep all the rumoured specs as a different type of database entry. It wouldn't be impossible to mark sketchy details as sketchy and seemingly confirmed, details as confident. This would help make the database a more useful tool in that we could draw comparisons with future products, is a rumoured device worth waiting for?

Currently, the only way to find rumors is by searching for posts. If someone decides that a leak isn't important enough to post about, then it just disappears into the ether. For example, I'm interested in the Dell XPS 13 ultrabook, but I'm waiting for them to refresh it with Ivy Bridge. I might be the only one. Writing a post about leaks and rumored specs and release dates would be kinda pointless, but it could be added to a database entry so when I decide to search for information, I find whatever the Verge has been told about the potential product.

It would also help to centralize discussion about rumored products. I just wrote a post about the HTC DLX, having a link to the device would allow someone to get caught up if they don't follow the Verge obsessively, it would also lead them to other posts, putting everything in context.

I think rumored devices ought to have database entries. It would take some work, but I think it woud be worth it in the long run.