Might Switch, Convince Me Otherwise Please

So This is quite painful to admit....

I have been on the Windows Phone band wagon since the beginning. I really do think that the OS is great and offers alot that the competition doesn't.

However, with the iPhone 5 coming out I have started to feel jealous... Maybe I am just finally wearing down and tired of saying "I can deal without all apps and accesories," and "I don't a phone that looks identical to everyone elses" and "The apps will come to windows phone soon, just wait a few more months"....

Part of me secretly wants the iPhone just to breath a big sigh of relief that I can walk into any store an find cheap cases and other accesories.... That I can download that new app that my friend was talking about....

BUT the two things that are holding me back... the two things that are just barely holding me to the WP ecosystem are



LIVE Tiles.

I love ZUNE. I have an XBOX and am going to get a Surface and ZUNE is wrapped up nicely into both of those. I woul dbe willing to switch to a different subscription service but as of now, none of them meet my needs or as nice to use as Zune on WP.

I use spotify on my computer sometimes and I can't stand it. The UI is like a wannabe iTunes but worse.

If Apple came out with iTunes or if Microsoft made an XBOX Music app on iphone then that issue would be solved.

The second item is Live Tiles. I really enjoyed widgets on Android, but I left android because it just felt disjointed as a whole, laggy at times, widgets seemed to eat up battery and processing power. Don't get me wrong, I like Android and its widgets, it just isn't for me. I don't want to start a fan war about widgets verse tiles etc.

Live Tiles are just a great balance between iphone and Android.

My main point is that if I went with iPhone, I would hate that static screen. The grid of apps is just boring. I love that windows phone is less about siloed apps and everything is intertwined. I can go into People hub and view FB updates. I can search for a movie Title in the Bing search and either launch IMDB or it'll show me movie times righ tin the search results. I know that some of this stuff is in IOS and Android but it seems to be more of Microsofts overall strtategy. And I love it. Its not the old "into and app, out of an app, into an app" expereince.

All to say:

I don't know if I can hang on any longer!!! That iPhone is looking better and better as Microsoft fails to gain mind/market share and with that apps, etc.