Intel Atom's , the present and the future

First of all English is my 2nd language, so take it easy ;)

I have been reading about the next atom’s and the future tablets and smartphone’s and I have a question.

Right now he we have the Medfield Atom Z2460, a single-core running ARM on smartphone’s that packs a hell of a punch for a single core , the GPU not that awesome..

For this first wave of tablets (beginning on the end of October) we will have a “group” running x86 windows 8 powered by an Atom Z2760, a dual-core based on the same 32nm Saltwell core and an improved GPU.

And on 1H 2013 we will have update on the Atoms for the ARM segment, the Atom Z2000 (single-core) and the Atom Z2580 (dual-core), for smartphone’s and ARM tablets. But this Atom Z2580 seems to be pretty similar to the Atom Z2760, the GPU is the same (PowerVR SGX 544MP2) and the CPU specs that I found are similar.


* Either the information is not correct or I’m not seeing this well (I’m no expert) and the Z2760 (x86 tablets) will be much more powerful than the Z2580, and other ARM CPU’s (ARM tablets and smartphone’s).

* Or performance is similar and we have 2 possibilities,

-either they are more powerful than any ARM CPU’s and we will have a new king in the ARM table;

-or their will be weaker than some ARM CPU´s and we will have windows 8 tablets weaker than ARM tablets, [what I seriously doubt].

In the GPU “part of the thing” in this nearby generation there’s not too much to hope for, but in the next one (Valleyview , Q4 2013) the atoms will by the first time have a intel GPU , a 4 core version of the Ivy bridge integrated GPU (the HD4000 of the notebooks has 16 cores and the HD2500 of desktops have 6 cores) ; along with single , dual and quad-core 22nm CPU’s and supporting up to 8Gb RAM DDR3.

The GPU will not run a BF3, but nonetheless according to Intel will be a 7x improvement over the actual one; I think it’s safe to say that will simply obliterate the GPU of any other smartphone or ARM tablet.

About the Z2580 and Z2760 , any thoughts ? We will know all about it in a month but what do you tinhk ?