Whats the redeeming factor of Glaxy S3 right now?

Except the preference in the OS of course.

Let me expand on my recent post and say - The android king is falling behind the latest iPhone in almost every respect

performance (killed in every single test, most of them are brutal):


display tech (in fact its suggested in the test to make the screen of S3 smaller as the big OLED one has to be dimmed to last longer):


durability (albeit it can chip/scratch, it will protect the screen and internals better):


even in battery life as the engadget review suggests its almost as good as razr maxx (verge review does not provide any real test data):


In fact most of the bullet points in their ads are pointless (no pun intended) as is their overconfidence. Whats left is several worthless extra features and the services from Google.