Why the F$%# Do I Care About Photokina?


Hi there crew members. I work in a rather well known camera shop in the Twin Cities. As you can probably guess, we were watching Photokina very closely. Employees' phones & tablets, sales floors computers, and anything else with a screen had DPReview loaded up. We have to know what's going on. It's our job.

Coming from a personal standpoint, though, I could care less. I'm a photographer. I work in a camera store. I should care. My point is: I make photos, not cameras.

Yes, I know photographers are always naturally curious about cameras and tech specs; I am too. I just try to keep my drool under control when gawking at the new Leica M or the Sony RX1. These cameras are wonderful things to ogle and lust over, but they aren't in my hands. To get too caught up in the heat and excitement of Photokina is foolish for a photographer.

Why is it foolish? It's the idea that "What I have now isn't good enough" and "If I had *insert new camera here*, I'd take *positive adjective* photos" — these are poisonous thoughts for a working photographer. It's about focusing on what's important, and that's making work. Let the great work you're producing afford you the gear you need. Make the photos you have to make, and own the gear you need to make those photos.

There is nothing worse than heaps of incredible gear sitting on a shelf. So don't go buy that Leica because you've heard it's neat. Buy that Leica because you're in the Sudan and Time Magazine is counting on you.

Thoughts? Confessions? Opinions? Yes, please.