TIME OUT: Let the Copy cat accusations against HTC STOP

this keeps coming up again and again.

what's wrong with people?

microsoft tribe: let the silliness stop now. be happy that we are going to have options. be happy that some name brand companies are interested in making top notch phones in support of a new, untried, untested OS. be happy.

i am a BIG Nokia fan and especially the 920. but i am super thrilled that HTC joined the fold. the more gorgeous phones, the better for wp8, the better for the ecosystem that is just coming of age. what is wrong with you people?

Nokia suing HTC? r u people nuts? Nokia's marketing guy took a jab at HTC but make no mistake, Nokia is glad that HTC is lifting up the wp8 name! both Nokia and HTC are struggling and they know better than to spend their limited dollars on frivolous lawsuits. apple has a lot of money so they can afford this kinda crap. HTC and Nokia can barely afford to be on defense.

now let's put this Copy cat nonsense to rest by reminding ourselves of the obvious:

OEMs get inspired by the OS. since Nokia and HTC are using the same OS, then it is only natural that their designers share similar inspirations. this is evident when you watch old videos of interviews with Nokia designers who designed the first lumias. they too were inspired by wp. it is as simple as that! these tiles are pretty and colorful and so the astute industrial designer picks up on that and reacts to it. samsung is an exception because it does not have good designers. the good designer gets inspired by the OS. samsung designers get inspired by apple. why is this so hard for people to understand?

thank goodness wp8 is getting top notch gorgeous hardware. hopefully hwawei adds even more beautiful top notch phones. keep'em comin'