Sony: The perfect Nexus candidate

Sony may have (assumingly) already ruled themselves out to make the next Nexus, but that won't stop us from imagining the potential an Xperia Nexus would bring.



I know that there have already been millions of concept mock-ups and rumours already out there (including mine), but I just can't put to rest how a Sony Nexus would make so much sense.

First you have the iconic Sony design, in my opinion, they are the only one who could deliver distinctive, attractive and stylish designs out of all the current Android OEMs. Sure, lately their designs have been a hit-or-miss, but a stock Sony device would merge great looking hardware with clean and untouched software.

You then have the little things that makes 'Sony' in the first place, top-of-the line Exmor R/Cybershot cameras, Walkman grade audio, and Bravia engine displays, to you they may sound just like marketing buzzwords, but stuff like this makes the difference between something that is average and premium.

Sony also 'gets' Android. This is something that isn't so obvious to many but is a good example to show how they are positioned as an OEM. After each Nexus, Sony was the first OEM to implement NFC and use on-screen buttons. Their skin-overlay even follows Android 'Holo' guidelines, but most importantly, they are a big contributor to the OHA as well as backing AOSP.

However, as everybody else, they aren't perfect. Battery life isn't their strong point, they are usually late to market and they have a terrible update track record. This is why a Google collaboration could give them the push that they need.

I also noticed a lot of you guys want a Sony made Nexus, do you agree? what are your reasons why/why not? Or if you prefer, who else would be more suited for the role?