Glossy v. Matte?


With the Lumia 920's upcoming release, I've seen quite a bit of discussion about the pitfalls of the glossy colors (i.e. yellow, red, and white) versus the matte options with the black and slate gray; I've been planning on getting the white Lumia 920 or the gray, so I'm curious.

My question is what your concerns are with glossy colors. I've read of it making the phone slippery, the coating wearing off, obviously leaving fingerprints highly visible, and attracting dirt and grime (and even some staining). Conversely, one white Lumia 900 owner refuted all of this and said he felt the white to be even more durable. There was also one report of the matte white HTC One X showing fading and severe wear. So, in all, I've seen conflicting reports that have left me questioning getting the white Lumia, if it's as durable as the matte?