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Today's header image brought to you by the artist formerly known as PaddyStardust.

Good [insert time of day], Polynauts. Today is Tuesday, September 25th and this is Polynauts Central at Polygon on The Verge.

Much like our Polynaut's Central weekend edition, as provided by PaddyStardust, I will be filling in on Tuesdays and Thursdays to give our very own Shaun McIlroy time to focus on uni obligations and upcoming Polygon community events. This is my first time having a go at Polynauts Central, so apologies in advance if I stuff it up.

  • For comics, manga and anime and if want a nice organised place to talk about those, then head on over to Crisis on Infinite Polygons Issue #6: The Last Polymon for Chaosbirdomages' all-in-one thread.
  • If you want to talk game related art - or even art in general but be sure to head over to the thread by Paradox Me called The Polygon Gallery of Fine Arts and grab yourself some cheese, olives and a glass of wine.
  • If you want to talk about, or discover new music then Shinta has a thread for you simply called Music.
  • If you want to talk about any movies or television shows with fear of spoilers then go to PrinceLUDA21's Polynauts The Movie: Episode IV - A New....Reboot thread.
  • Zombie711 feels that snacks should have a thread. Won't somebody go talk waffles with him?



1: "Polygon's Fall of Gaming 2012" by Polygon Staff

We don’t know how good all of this fall’s biggest games are, but we have some ideas about what the cream of the crop will be. So Polygon has huddled together and come up with a list of our picks for the biggest and best releases this fall, the games we expect will be worth your time and your limited budget. These selections are in order of release date, so you’ll be able to figure out exactly when all your free time will vanish into thin air. With that out of the way, let’s begin.


2: "Valve facing potential European lawsuit over change in end user license agreement" by Alexa Ray Corriea

The Federation of German Consumer Organisations claims that an EULA update made in August to preemptively protect Valve from lawsuit is unfair to customers. The change was implemented after a European Union ruling stating software companies cannot bar resale of their digital content. Users who refuse this updated agreement have been denied access to their accounts and locked out of content they previously paid for.


3: "'Planetside 2' developers reveal engineer class" by Tracey Lien

PlanetSide 2's senior art director, Tramell Isaac, and creative director, Matt Higby, revealed the game's engineer class in episode five of their PlanetSide 2 Command Center series this weekend.

The episode shows footage of the engineer in action: combatting deployables, conducting repairs, and supporting deployables. Players will get points for repairs and the engineer class also has access to turrets.


4: "'Home' videos detail the creation of an indie game" by Dave Tach

Home, the retro-styled horror game from indie developer Benjamin Rivers, received two new videos today detailing the creation of the game.

The videos come from an hour-long talk that Rivers gave in July at an event in Toronto. During the videos, he explains his inspirations, how he made the game, and what his hopes are for Home.


5: "PAX Australia hopes to prove that gaming culture is universal" by Brian Crecente

The plan is for the show to be very similar to the shows that currently run in Seattle and Boston. That means it will likely feature back-to-back panels, concerts, an expo floor packed with video game offerings and places for people to get their hands on all forms of gaming from arcade machines, retro and modern consoles to tabletop, and miniature gaming.


1: 999 Vs Xenosaga, the fine line between RPGs and Visual Novels by Lynith

Traditionally speaking, a Visual Novel is a video game that is comprised of about 95% reading, usually with a few Choose Your Own Adventure-style decisions. In what experience I've had with Visual Novels, this results in multiple potential endings. 999 takes these Visual Novel staples a little step further and adds some puzzles to the mix... but there weren't all that many of them. Perhaps more like 98% of the time was simply spent reading the dialogue. But the dialogue was good... fantastic even. (For those who are interested... I've heard it described as "Saw" meets "Battle Royale.") Having finished all endings in my massive marathon, I can see why this game gets the praise that it does for breaking the mold.

2: My gaming PC won't work D; Please help by jslberto

Alright, so a few months ago I decided to build a beast gaming PC. The specs will be listed below. I will also try to be descriptive as possible with my situation, and will also list the steps that I have taken -- all of which have failed -- in order to resolve it.

3: How to STALKER by DocSeuss

It's a shooter, an RPG without stats, and a true survival horror game (you actually focus on survival, rather than trying to fight awkward controls) all rolled into one, developed by Ukranian developer GSC Game World. It's best described as a horror-themed immersive sim. They were working on a STALKER 2 for release in 2012--later delayed to 2013--when the game was canceled.

There are three games: the original, Shadow of Chernobyl, and two expandalones, Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat. Clear Sky redesigns several of the maps from the original game, though its got some new ones of its own. Call of Pripyat has all-new maps, including the biggest in the series.


Ross Miller brings you the latest '90 Seconds on The Verge, Epic 4G Touch Ultra HD LTE Hyper Turbo Remix Edition v2.1.




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Okay, there we have another days worth of catch-ups folks. Remember to sound off in the comments below and share any awesome news you find today. As always check out the @Polygon feed on Twitter to keep up to date. There's also our own @Polynauts twitter feed. Alternatively, you can chat with @shaunmcilroy if you miss him and wish to contact him throughout the day. If you, for some reason, want to chat with me, you can look for 'Salias' (It's the user that matches my avatar here) on Steam, as I generally always have the Steam client open if my computer is on.



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