SmartDevices U7,the world's first projection android tablet



SmartDevices® has recently unveiled their next generation of innovative products, SmartDevices® U7. Unlike most tablets out there, U7 is announced to be the world’s first leading projector tablet with the DLP Pico projection technology from TI. You might have been familiar with the Samsung Galaxy Beam projector phone, but sure that’s not yet enough, the amazing U7 is claimed to bring more than you could ever expect.

Along with the most advanced DLP Pico handheld projection technology from Texas Instrument, SmartDevices® , a remarkable tablet manufacturer from China, has once again made a huge effort towards innovation. U7 is designed to be powerful yet convenient for business professionals. With U7 you can share with your friends or customers any contents, virtually at anytime, anywhere. Equipped with high capacity battery this decent tablet guarantees your continuous enjoyment of up to three and a half hours, even at a large 50‘’ size with maximum brightness. Plus, heating can now completely be out of your consideration with SmartDevices® ’s technical solutions for power management.

Stunning projection pictures combined with a portable nifty tablet not only facilitate your business, but also define a new family leisure time. With pre-loaded apps for your children and carefully designed parental control, U7 introduces the traditional eastern philosophy of education. Varieties of well-designed interactive e-books and apps for children can be downloaded directly from their online app store. Customized with built-in content filtering technology, your kids are always protected from inappropriate contents. Lying on the bed, decorating your bedroom wall and ceiling with fun stories, family photos and videos, U7 just makes it possible, easy and fun. You and your kids are definitely gonna love it.



Aside from being marked for its unique projector, U7 is also a powerful full-fledged tablet with impressive specs: TI OMAP4 dual-core Cortext-A9 processor, 1GiB LPDDR2 RAM, 7’’ 1024x600 IPS wide viewing angle screen and capacitive five point multi-touch support. It comes with a full yet neat Google Android 4.1.1 integrated with most amazing features from the latest CyanogenMod 10. U7 ships with standard and deluxe version listed as RMB 1,999 (for OMAP4430@ 1GHz processor, 8 GB eMMC internal storage) and RMB 2,499 (for OMAP4460@ 1.5GHz processor, 16 GB eMMC internal storage), respectively.

It’s of course worth mentioning U7’s DLP specs. 20,000 hrs lifespan with LED light source, over 40 Lumen brightness, 854x480 WVGA output up to 50’’ large. With many more advanced features left for you to explore, U7 is just about to re-define your tablet, as well as to transform your business and daily life.