Verge - Share The Love?

I'm a massive fan of The Verge. I particularly like the iOS app, which has quickly become my de facto way to view content from the site. However, as my usage of the app has increased I've been getting more and more frustrated with the lack of sharing options available. I really want to be able to save articles to Instapaper, Pocket or Evernote. I know this can be done in iOS as Flipboard has been doing it for ages. I'm not sure what the situation on the Android app is like, but I'm sure that the inclusion of something like this would be universally popular.

As an aside, the omission of this feature, becomes even more glaring when considered in the light of Josh's iPhone 5 review, where he criticises iOS for its lack of sharing options.

The [Verge App] is unquestionably the best [Verge App] ever made, and for the mass market, it's the best [way to view the Verge], period...But there's also another segment of the market, of which I consider myself a part... For that segment [the Verge App] falls short.