Apple deserves all the criticism they get, moreover they deserve to lose phone sales



"We always tried to be at the insertion of technology and liberal arts. To be able to get the best of both. To make extremely advanced products from a technology point of view. But also have them be intuitive, easy to use, fun to use. So that they really fit the user. The users don't have to come to them. They come to the user. And it's the combination of these two things that let us make the kind of creative products..." - Steve Jobs

Sometimes it's hard to articulate why people love their Apple products so much. They don't always have the best specs or the most bleeding edge technology. Perhaps, it's best summed up by Steve Jobs, as he so eloquently put it. Apple users don't have to worry about battery size or processor speed. They can trust they will get a great product that has great performance and great battery life. "It just works", as they say. This is how Apple has cultivated such a loyal customer base.

Apple products make technology easy, intuitive, and perhaps even fun. Apple safeguards users from the pitfalls of technology where it is intimidating, cumbersome, and complex.

The war between Google and Apple is well know to people who follow tech news. But in keeping with the "it just works" philosophy, it is Apple's responsibility to shield it's users from the darker side of business dealings, politics and legal conflicts. By removing Google maps from the mobile OS and replacing it with an unfinished product, they have let their conflict with Google affect and hurt their users. They violated their user's trust.

Apple today failed to live up to Steve Jobs' legacy.