MySpace Revisited

I mentioned to my wife that MySpace previewed their redesign yesterday. Her response? “They’re still around?”

They’re still around?

Valid question. Most people have long ago forgotten their login info, and I don’t even know what email address I would have used to set up an account. The sheer number of other social networks vying for my attention has become… overwhelming. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin, Path, Everyme; I can’t possibly list them all and I certainly couldn’t use them all unless it was a full time job. So what chance does MySpace even have of re-entering a decidedly crowded market?
Thus my bold prediction, MySpace will become the preferred network for the current generation of tweenagers. Facebook is full of parents, Google+ is filling a unique niche (that I’m not sure any of us totally understand yet), Linkedin is for work and Pinterest is for planning a DIY weekend.

Whose stigma are you thinking about?

MySpace has a great opportunity to grab a new generation of social media users who might find the prospect of not sharing their social network with their parents incredibly appealing. I know what your thinking what about the stigma that MySpace has been facing for years. Who’s stigma are you thinking about? Sure you and I remember when MySpace was new and everyone had a friend in Tom, but 13 year olds may have never even heard of MySpace and thus see no stigma.

MySpace has a new future, several high profile backers an audience and I’ll be quite honest, an interesting UI. I signed up to rejoin the wayward social network just to look around. But I really don’t think this is going to be a Social Network for me, but just maybe it will be one for my kids.

Good Luck MySpace, like anyone else who has been married to Rupert Murdoch, you deserve a second chance.