Windows Phone 8 potential to be boring (my take).

After reading the other guy post about his views on Metro and that apps don't look different, we all can disagree. What i did however like (never used Windows Phone in my life) is how brilliant the apps look and in regard to advertisement of the products. What i mean to say is, when a app is open on the top the app title is displayed so brilliantly you cannot ignore it, as a Android fan i also like that Metro kind of forces developers to use metro elements (us Android users love Holo and wish it was applied rigorously). I might not like some of the over defending Windows Phone fans, but one thing i can give the platform is the difference in look and feel. I honestly want to give Windows Phone a try, but i have a lot of followers on Instagram which I'm addicted too and I'm so use to Android intent system/customization. Also, i think everyone should look at this:

This is absolutely stunning, the Facebook app look absolutely amazing!