Buttons at the bottom of my iPhone 5 App Store are in the wrong order


After a long while with a BlackBerry I made a move back to the iPhone. I received my iPhone 5 Friday and I love it, but I've noticed something odd about my device. The buttons along the bottom of my phone's App Store are in the following order:

Featured | Search | Updates | Charts | Genius

As far as I can tell, most people's buttons are not in this order. What might be causing this strange difference?

The only factor which I can think of affecting it is my data plan. I'm using a fathered-in unlimited data plan from AT&T. I remember having to call AT&T when I switched periodically between my old iPhone and BlackBerry to make all features work on each respective device. Since I switched to my iPhone 5 I have not done this because I assumed AT&T would know to do it.

Could this be causing it? If not, what else could it be?