Practical Specs Comparison: Lumia 900, iPhone5, Lumia 920 and HTC 8X

Here's what I consider to be a practical comparison. I did a similar chart a week ago using the Lumia 900 as the frame of reference for those of us out in the real world that haven't yet laid hands on the the 920 or 8X.

I'm updating it to include the iPhone5, but crucially, the size and weight specs include a Otterbox Prefix. The Prefix is the cheapest of the Otterbox line for the iPhone5. With the fragility of the 4S, and now the 5 coming out of the box pre-scratched (somehow this is a feature) for all practical purposes most people use the iPhone wrapped in some kind of case. Whereas I believe most people will use the 920 and the 8X in all their naked polycarbonate glory.