Why Google should buy T-mobile USA

T-Mobile USA has been struggling for a long time, and regardless of the direction it's currently heading, it's in a tough spot. Deutsche Telekom has obviously entertained offers to sell it off, and there's no reason to think that it isn't a possibility, at least to a non-telecom company to avoid anti-trust complaints like their failed merger with AT&T.

Google has many motivations to have interest in a Cell Provider. I'll try to break down my thinking, but it is pure speculation.

  • The most notable Google project that gives credence to such interest is Google Fiber. This proves Google has telecom interests, and wants to provide users open, fast, and reliable connections to the internet. There is no reason that these same interests couldn't be present in the wireless spectrum.
  • Google's purchase of Motorola Mobility shows that Google is willing to branch out from being a solely software provider fro Android. Google will remain open and fair with all Android OEM's despite now owning one of the major players. This would translate to owning a portion of the Wireless provider market. Google would still have as many Android devices on as many providers as possible.
  • Google would gain leverage. By making a major wireless provider completely open and allow unprecedented levels of freedom for Android devices to operate on it's network, Google could use this as leverage to push openness on other providers such as removing locked boot loaders and offering clean experiences.
  • T-mobile doesn't have the iPhone. Google wouldn't have to worry about removing the iPhone from T-mobile as it isn't even there. This makes any competitive issues moot. I believe Google's open nature would allow for WP8 devices to continue to be sold on it's network, and even allow iPhones on if Apple wanted (very unlikely). Android would be the feature product of Google/T-mobile, but far from the only thing.
There are probably more reasons that this would make sense, and many more that they wouldn't. I will try to update this as I remember more, but in the mean time, what do you think? Is this a possibility?