Questions for The Verge Video Team

Well hello there. I've been a long time fan of the multimedia that The Verge has been producing for quite a long time. As a multimedia editor for a student paper I look for other people's work for inspiration and learning and there have been quite a few things about the way Verge does video that I like.

Pandering aside, I was hoping that I could learn a bit more about how you guys produce video content on a day to day basis. How do you guys like to travel with gear, what kind of gear do you use, and what's a general outline of the workflow/editing process?

Before becoming a multimedia editor, I did some video work, but now that I'm on a deadline it's certainly challenging to create quality work by myself on a daily basis as a one-man department. One of my other restrictions is gear. I have a personal newer Nikon camera and a larger collection of Canon gear (5D, 1D's) for work but no sliders, video tripods, follow focuses, etc. How do you deal with situations where you can't or don't want to shoot with a lot of bulk but still get quality shots with movement and without shake.

I appreciate whatever responses arrive here, and I'll leave you with a recent (actually produced last-night) video piece I did for The Daily Iowan. Any criticisms or suggestions are, of course, welcomed. Once I get out of college, I'd really love to work at a company similar to Vox Media and The Verge in terms of multimedia production and I'm doing the best I can to learn as much as I can now.

PS- Any other video producers feel free to chime in and you can find more of my still and video work at The Daily Iowan and more still at my personal website.