I am tired of the constant RIM bashing.

Yeah, I'm pretty tired of the constant RIM bashing.

Leave them a damn chance with BlackBerry 10. I know they've failed in the past by always staying in their classic and basic plastic keyboard + non-touchscreen phones but none of you can say that they are non trying to fix the mistakes they made in the past.

Today, they've shown some new stuff about BlackBerry 10 and I have to admit that I'm impressed and the beta stuff they shown is light years ahead of the TouchWiz crap that Samsung want's people to love.

Also, the song they made today shouldn't be taken seriously. Do you guys really think they made that song like if they would have hopes to get a god damn Grammy? Hell, they just made that song to tell everyone that they are coming with something cool and also, they are trying to hold as much developer as possible. You have to admin that it takes some imagination to do what they did.

So. give them a chance and stop trolling.