The Windows Phone Cometh...Who Will Take the hit?


We all know the Windows Phone is going to drop sooner or later, but who's market share is going to take the hit. I actually think I can make a case for every scenario, but I would like to se what the community thinks about.


So of course the guy at the top is going to take the biggest hit, but for several reasons. Android by just the nature of numbers have the most "gadget jumping" users. You know the folks who go OS to OS because they can. They also have the most cheap phones which is many times a precursor for users to jump ship.


They are number 2 and they have the most loyal users. However, Windows phones meets the requirements that iPhone users really want. First the camera. No doubt the Lumia camera will probably outperform or equal the iPhone camera. Simplicity is another issue. I find iPhone users are purest and want something simple and they also are not to big on the customization and widgets you get in Android. So the live tiles and refreshed UI might pull them as they are getting bored of their OS. Apps will be key here, so the users would most likely be those who only use the basic apps offered on every single platform, and have a hybrid set of Windows PC, Android Tablet (Nexus 7), XBox...etc.


I think they will take the biggest hit as the left overs are staying because they really don't see Apple and Google as decent options for them

Everything stays the Same

This is also a huge possibility because everyone is stuck in their ecosystems. Android users with GMail and Maps and their infinite options can't see themselves letting go. iPhone users are slowly embracing the entire Apple ecosystem so having a device outside of it will really break that synergy. And Blackberry users didn't like Windows 7, so why would they like Windows 8.