iPhone 5: first day buyer regret

Went into my local store this past Friday and walked out the proud owner of an iPhone 5, black 32GB.

This phone is great....or so I thought.

Ive suddenly run into problems and want to see if anyone else is experiencing simliar problems.

Camera: takes excellent pictures, but randomly freezes and won't take any pictures until its rebooted.

Messaging: same as camera, random freeze and locks up completely. I end up having to kill it and reboot.

Battery: much better than my Galaxy Nexus, but still not able to last as long as I need it too.

The first two problems are things I can sorta chalk up to being from the initial batch of devices which sometimes have these types of problems. I had simliar issues with my Xoom and Nexus, both which went back to the store and were fine upon receiving new units.

The last problem can only be fixed by more acessories becoming avaialble. Maybe a slim battery case or something along those lines.

So, as I stated in the title, my iPhone is heading back to Verizon. I'll wait two weeks or so and try out another one.

Honestly, outside of those issues, the phone has been running great. Browser speed is amazing on LTE. Apps open and close quickly. Even Siri, who gave me much grief over the small period of time I had with the 4S, seems to be running much better.

All in all, this device is excellent. This is the iPhone many have wanted for a long time.

Now though, as I get ready to pack up my iPhone in its box and wait, I have the sinking feeling that Android is gonna show off some new device that may make me hold off on getting the iPhone 5 again.

The rumors of the DROID INCREDIBLE X are looming loud and clear, and the thought that it may be a Nexus device are certainly resonating with me....