It's strange but I actually really like touchwiz

I was an iOS user. The android phones I have used as daily drivers are the galaxy s2 and s3. Currently I am using the S3 and I love it. The hardware is perfect for me with the big colorful screen, the way it fits in my hand (please no that's what she said joke) the speed and all.

One thing i really like in it is touchwiz. I was running CM9 on my S2 and after using it for a while. I realized stock android apps aren't really that good. The calculator is lack luster, people's app is ok but Samsung's is better, no notes app, phone dialor is ugly, and a tone of other things, I like the home screen set up though with the holo theme.

Samsung puts a lot of little tweaks that I really like. For example the motion controls in apps. Their apps also have so much more functionality for example all the controls in the camera app and how the calculator gives you more options when you tilt it. I also appreciate the fact that their stack app icons are the same size.

Is there any skin that you actually like on the market?