Book club Vergecast Tuesday, October 2nd, with special guest Lev Grossman


You have probably just finished up Philip K. Dick's classic novel Ubik, our September book. Maybe you're already dreaming of October's book (you can still vote for it here), but maybe, just maybe, you have some lingering questions about Ubik. I know I do.

We're excited to announce that next Tuesday, October 2nd, at 11am ET we'll have a special edition of the Vergecast to discuss Ubik. Josh and I will be joined in the studio by Lev Grossman. Lev is the author of the outstanding novels The Magicians and The Magician King, and also writes about technology and books for Time. He included Ubik in Time's 100 Best Books of All Time list, calling it a "a deeply unsettling existential horror story." You've read it by now, so surely you agree. We're very excited to have Lev join us to discuss this wonderful and upsetting book.

Between now and next Tuesday, we'll be taking questions in this post and we'll try to get to as many of them as possible on the Vergecast. See you then!