Notifications and notification center - a deal breaker in WP?

Now, before anyone says WP don't need notification center because it has live tiles, please stay off. I'm happy that it works for you. But it doesn't for me and many others.

Using the WP for past 1.5 years, one thing which has annoyed me to no end is notifications.

- Consistently delayed notifications (except for very few apps). I've tested with same apps in iPhone, Android and WP and sometimes WP has delivered notifications up to 30 minutes delayed or some times 'never'.

- Notification counter is broken. I've never seen it work correctly in very few of the apps which uses this. Most annoying example is Facebook. It has never reflected the real notification count ever for me. If it works consistently, developers would've definitely used it along with notifications but something in me tells that counter implementation is not intuitive or does not work as expected. Microsoft should've fixed this long time ago. So using this as an alternate for notification center is a no-go.

- What happens to notifications for apps which I've not pinned? For example, I hear a notification alert when I'm on a meeting. I check back after the meeting is over and I have no idea which app alerted me even taking into case if the app is pinned. How in the world I'm supposed to know?

- Alleged limit on number of apps(which is low, again allegedly) that can have push notifications enabled at any time. I don't know whether this is true. For many apps, enabling push notifications has never worked for me even a single time. So could be some amount of truth to this.

- Leaving developers to implement notification centers of their own. This is never going to be popular. Might be helpful if done right but not going to work for practical reasons.

- Are notifications cached/queued (obviously on server side) when phone is in battery saver mode? I'm not sure how this works so excuse me if I'm wrong here.

Now, the above points clearly provides a reason to have a notification center of some kind. A notification center will solve half the issues described above. If drawer approach is non-metro, do it with swipe to the left from home screen or any other gesture like what BB10 shown today for accessing messages hub from any screen. There are plenty of ways to implement a notification center without violating metro guidelines but the question is whether Microsoft want to. I personally believe not implementing notification center will be a very bad decision and will make harder for iPhone/Android users to migrate to Windows Phone devices but also more badly for Microsoft, might drive away existing users like me.

As officially it's not ruled out in WP8, I've a small glimmer of hope but I'm prepared to be disappointed.