GameSalad will support Windows 8

Game salad, one of the best "app creators" out there just announced that will start supporting Windows

Below the full release:
GameSalad is pleased to announce that we have joined with Microsoft to bring Windows 8 App Store publishing to GameSalad Creator in advance of the launch of Windows 8 in October! The Windows 8 Store is an incredible opportunity for the GameSalad community. With the Windows operating system reaching over 600MM computers in 200 markets worldwide, it’s a terrific location to showcase and sell your apps. That’s more than twice the size of the iOS market! Once GameSalad Creator for Windows 8 is released, you will find a new "Windows 8" publishing target integrated directly into the web publishing flow, allowing you to quickly and easily publish any previously developed game or application to the Windows 8 Store. We're excited to open up this new market to our developers, and look forward to seeing your contributions! Mac users will also be able to publish directly to the Win8 Store even if they do not have a computer running Windows, though testing will require a Windows device.