What happen? Why is The Verge suddenly invaded by Microsoft fanboys?

Let me clear something out of the way: I don't have any problem with Microsoft and before someone starts digging and saying I'm anti-Microsoft:

I own a Samsung Omnia 7 (but my main phone is a Galaxy S II running CM10 waiting to be replaced), I used to own a Zune HD, I use Linux as my main OS and Windows 8 as my secondary, and I really like Metro. I also think Windows Phone 7.5 (we don't know anything relevant about WP8) is overall an inferior OS compared to iOS and Android (and I think this is an objective assertion), but it has tons of potential and there's a set of really common actions that I think it handles better than the competition. I think Windows 8 also has potential, but it's currently a broken experience because of Microsoft's inability to isolate the desktop and Metro from each other, and I hope it gets fixed eventually.

No that we got that out of the way, I've noticed an explosion of Microsoft fanboys calling anything done by Microsoft true innovation and awesomeness, and calling everything Google does "evil" and everything Apple does "crappy". It's almost impossible for any editor on the site to write anything negative about any product related to Microsoft without submitting themselves to a shitstorm of nonsense.

The empirical evidence is readily available, in fact, the Microsoft Tribe went from distant third to the forum with the most comments, not to mention the Lumia 900 storm, among others.

So what happen? There's also a lot of Android and Apple fanboys, but they aren't nearly as obnoxious as this new wave of Microsoft's.