Three years ago, HP introduced the Envy 13. This week, we’re reviewing its spiritual successor, the Envy Spectre XT. Oh, how times have changed. Then, as now, the Envy was accused of cribbing from Apple's MacBook playbook. Then, as now, it's a shiny silver machine, with an ultra-low-voltage processor, a single-button clickpad, no optical drive, few ports, and a 13-inch screen.

So, what's new? HP's latest Envy sheds weight, girth, and adds a solid state drive to compete with the MacBook Air. At $1,000, you won't find a discrete graphics chip or a high-res screen in this Intel ultrabook, but it is $400 cheaper than the Gorilla Glass-covered HP Envy 14 Spectre we liked earlier this year.

Can the Spectre XT deliver the same potential in a cheaper package? Three months late to a market filled with inexpensive ultrathin laptops, does the Spectre XT stand a chance?