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BreadKnight brought his friends Scott & Ramona along today. He never counted on her seven evil ex-boyfriends exes though!

It's Wednesday, September 26th and I'm glad to see you all survived Salias' first episode of Polynauts Central, here at Polygon on The Verge.

Yesterday I had a lecture, then the lecturer didn't turn up so I went to the library. After sitting there watching sheets of rain slosh across the windows I decided to hit up '3rd Space' which has a student super-cheap Starbucks and discovered Chai Tea Lattes' for the first time. I had no idea there was more than one type of tea! (I did, really.)

Wednesday is my quiet day though, driving lesson, gym, library and a romantic meal. I have no classes, but I have Polynauts work to get done. What do you get up to on a Wednesday? Whilst you ponder that, and I continue to cobble some stuff together I'll let you have read about some of the things which happened over the past 24 hours.

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1: 'Gitaroo Man' creator on Japan's cultural iron curtain by Russ Frushtick

"I tend to think that Japan is the only country in the entire world that is separated in terms of cultural relevance items," Yano explained. "I would say Korea and China are closer to the United States and Europe than they are to Japan. Japan's in its own little bubble.

We have our things that work well. That generates a lot of flow, which is cool, but when you start taking that globally, it becomes a different ball of wax."


2: 'Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit' review: burnout by Philip Kollar

They serve a single aesthetic purpose: showing off Hell Yeah!'s zaniness. They're full of brief references to other games — the videogame equivalent of a seven-year-old kid rattling off lines from his favorite movies without any context or cleverness.

Remember Guitar Hero? Hell Yeah! has a mini-game that's kind of like that. Remember 8-bit RPGs? Here's a 10-second homage to those. "I know about this thing that you also know about!" the game screams. Which is cool, I guess?


3: Miyamoto: the Mario cast is 'a troupe of actors,' and Bowser's kids are adopted by Alexa Ray Corriea

"If you're familiar with things like Popeye and some of the old comic characters, you would oftentimes see this cast of characters that takes on different roles depending on the comic or cartoon," Miyamoto said.

"They might be businessman in one [cartoon] or a pirate in another. Depending on the story that was being told, they would change roles. So, to a certain degree, I look at our characters in a similar way and feel that they can take on different roles in different games."


4: Resident Evil games 50 percent off on Steam this week, still no PC release date for 'Resident Evil 6' by Alexa Ray Corriea

All Resident Evil games are 50 percent off on Steam this week as part of the service's Mid-Week Madness Sale, marking one week left until the release of Resident Evil 6 on consoles.

Steam players can snag Resident Evil 5 for $9.99 or Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City for $24.99. All downloadable content for Raccoon City is on sale, as well as a bundle including the game and five pieces of expanded content for $38.94.

Original_large_verge_medium_landscape_medium5: Sony makes aggressive push for 'PSN Day 1 Digital' releases on PlayStation Store by Michael McWhertor.

Eight PlayStation 3 games will be released as downloadable titles on the same day they hit retail as part of Sony's "PSN Day 1 Digital" promotion. That includes major releases like Resident Evil 6, Dishonored, Assassin's Creed 3, and NBA 2K13.

Some of those titles even come with a 10 percent discount for PlayStation Plus members, making them up to $6 cheaper than their on-disc retail counterparts on release date.


1: Dragon Age Origins is a Terrible Game by -Silver-

Dragon Age Origins is a terrible game. There. I said it. You can whine and moan about DA2's shortcomings all you like, but don't you dare point to DAO as though it's the epitome of gaming greatness. It has one of the worst stories I have ever come across in any narrative medium. Even Michael Bay's Transformers 2 had a better story than DAO.


David Pierce brings you the most recent '90 Seconds on The Verge'.


I had a Polynauts dream last night.

Paddy was working in Tescos. His hair was a slightly different colour, suggesting he’d been spending at least part of his wages on Henna. He also had a helicopter.

We flew high above the city, for a reason that escaped me, and there was a giant penguin, a bit like Prinny but not, vanilla coloured with a touch of raspberry. It bit my arm and i’m not sure if I could prise it’s beak apart.

I now consider that Paddy and I have met.

The end.

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