APP ICONS: When is Google going to fix this huge problem?!

First Post on Android Army even though I use android from time to time. So not sure if this was already posted. Also the next nexus could be my next.

My question is... Am I the only one that wants consistency in app icons? Apps in the marketplace are going for big squares. The problem is they're all different size squares. I think Google should lead the way and set the standard as a guideline for 3rd party apps.

My suggestion are high resolution perfect circle shaped app icons. This circle shape already exists as folders and they look quite nice. And mute a little of the tron blue. This would pretty much put jellybean to par with iOS for consistency and ease my visual OCD. And on a lesser note the return button on galaxy nexus looks ugly.

And please let the next nexus device have an ips Super LCD 2 screen instead of the yellow tinged comic book looking pentile unrealistic color über saturated super amoled screens of days past. A decent camera that take pictures that are crisp and perform well in low light. And please phone gods please allow for a battery life that lasts longer than 3 hours on a full charge. An actual full day would be nice. And finally phone gods please don't let this phone be made of cheap ass plastic from fisher price. Let all that choose to believe say amen.