A new challenger appears!

Challenger uses Backlog.

Backlog is super effective!

You are struck by Backlog for 9000 damage.

You die.


And as I wait for my re-spawn, I ponder: "Should I perhaps deal once and for all with this beast?". Perhaps I should, I'm not certain, but that I will attempt to deal with it is certain and here is how I plan to do it: stop purchasing games for a full year. (Starting on the 01/01/2013)

Yes, it'll be that simple. But that simple line represents a huge challenge. It requires overcoming the mentality of the latest and greatest. When everyone else is playing Final Fantasy XV, Call of Duty Modern Black Ops Warfare or Halo 5 I'll be stuck walking through Resident Evil 5, Final Fantasy X or Mirror's Edge.

Another challenge it represents is peer pressure. I enjoy good co-op game-play like nothing else and thus, I'll play with others frequently. And there is no one so persistent as a fellow gamer who is raving about their latest purchase and how you should get it as well.

That's all fine and dandy; but won't you just end up creating a backlog that you both need to purchase and play?

Yes, that could very well be the outcome. But I've noticed that the temptation to purchase a game dwindles greatly once it has being out for a while. Beyond that the worst case scenario would still put me in a convenient spot from a financial point of view. I would be behind the curve; which generally means I'd pay less than half of the release price.

So there is my plan, any tips or suggestions? Or how do you deal with your backlog? If at all?