Can we please have a moratorium on the "average user"?

If only for one week!

I'm so over being drawn into conversations where commenters are trying to channel the thoughts and experiences of the "average user" over and over and over again, ad fraking nauseum.

I can't even count how many times I’ve read a conversation that goes like this:

  • Commentor 1: Personally I don’t like Windows 8
  • Commentor 2: Why is that?
  • Commentor 1: I just don't think it's intuitive.
  • Commentor 2: In what way?
  • Commentor 1: Well when you open an image it jumps back to metro.
  • Commentor 2: Did you click the toast that pops up and change it?
  • Commentor 1: Yeah that worked fine for me, but it's too confusing for the average user.
  • Me: ...


Just talk about your own thoughts, experiences, and feelings

It really, truly, honestly makes for a better conversation when people just talk about how they view things.

Writing an opinion on what another commenter's opinion is on what they believe the opinion of the average user will be is just a completely useless exchange of words.