A little help...

Hi all, so basically I'm going to be emigrating from the UK to Canada in about 18 months. At the moment I'm a freelance web developer with 7 years experience, but of course I'll be looking for a full time job so I can get full residency, all going well.

So, does anybody know of any good reputable companies in the Vancouver area that I could contact..? I'm just trying to build up a solid list of contacts at the moment. With a view to have a job sorted shortly after arriving.

If not I can continue freelancing with my current agencies from the UK but that doesn't really help me with a residency application!

Here is my current website:


Which lists my skills and companies I have done work for, it's an impromptu 1 page CV basically.

Just to note I'm really not trying to sell my services, I'm not soliciting for business so to speak. Just some help and advice, and seriously any would be hugely appreciated.

Thanks for your time.