iOS 6 and iPhone 5 Battery issues! [Update]

With every new iPhone and, iOS software there is the usual cries of battery problems and ultimately this post is no exception. I have been having some battery and software related issues namely iOS 6 crashes as well as battery drain.

Software issues:

  • Siri crashing when told to launch an App.
  • Some force quits.

Battery problems:

  • Shut down location services. /
  • Most notifications. /
  • No backgrounded VoIP Apps running. /
  • Drain battery to zero and done full cycle charge. /

Still problem persist and I may as yet end up throwing it (iPhone 5) under a big red bus.

If anyone knows any solutions to this (above problems) please do share and thanks in advance.




Apps used:

Mail App uses include: uploading images and normal use.

Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and iMessages App.

Safari, CNN, and The Verge App..

Youtube and TuneIn Radio.

Photos App: uploaded photos to shared photos , Camera App: shot some pics and a video.

Games played: Street Fighter IV Volt, Asphalt 7 and Temple Run.

App Store: some updates and downloaded a couple apps.

Everyone upload your usage stats.