Greece : The Internet during a crisis.

Things changed dramatically for Greece during the last three years. The economic situation has been terrible. TV is full of people evangelizing a dark future for Greece.

I don't watch the Television.

In an environment of misery and pessimism a young man like me cannot dream. So... my TV is OFF for the last 2 years. I miss the terrible adds and the low quality shows on the TV. Seriously they were terrible! Now what's left? Oh, the Internet.

Things get global in here.

Literally from the moment I wake up I check my mail, my Twitter feed, my YouTube subscriptions, my Tumblr and some tech news. And here's a fact. In all of them I don't read a single thing about the "Greek Economic Crisis". Trust me, it helps alot. And mainly because I can concentrate on my life and studies instead of concentrating on my pocket.

Well... I'll be honest, there are times that people around the planet joke around for the greeks and the whole situation, but you know, it's human nature. Sometimes I laugh too. Sometimes I get angry because of some misconceptions, which are obvious when you're not involved in the problem.

But the Internet is a tool for the greeks.

You see, I write this "little thing" right now. I can express my beliefs freely and affect the people reading it. Greeks are really into the Internet and the expression of freedom around the digital world. So the Internet is a real tool, cause we can go against what the TV says and express what we feel. And it's funny but people around the world do feel the same when you start a conversation with them. It's Amazing!

These are just some thoughts.

Thanks for your time.

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