iPhone 5 Screen Considerations

Had the chance to play a bit with an iPhone 5 yesterday, for about an hour, and noticed 2 things about the screen:

1. The screen color temperature is much warmer than on the 4S. The screen on the 4S had some variance, but was usually between 5200K and 5700K, reasonably Daylight-like. The iPhone 5 is like 4600K. Now, that may be something with that specific phone or something intentional. If it was a fluke, it's a really bad one. If it was intentional, I really dislike it, but can understand why it was done. The majority of the users won't notice it and won't make much of a difference for them, but as warmer light needs less luminance to achieve the same degree of perceptual brightness as cool light (that's one of the reasons you shouldn't use cool lamps in your house unless you're planning to flood it with light) and, thus, helps save battery.

2. The touch detection isn't as accurate/snappy as the 4S one. The 4S touch detection was pure bliss, snappy and responsive. It felt... solid, sure. I'd say that it's pretty much the epitome of touch detection and I envy that, to this date, I don't think any Android phone reached the same degree of quality. When using the 5, I felt it a bit... struggling, wobbly, not as snappy. It's somewhat mitigated by how fast everything feels, but it's there. I certainly don't feel it is as nice as the 4S. Again, might be an issue with that particular phone.

So, anyone else noticed these things?