My Valve hardware dream... LAN "OnLive" like capability

If Valve does indeed want to create hardware, I would love to see a <$100 Roku sized box for LAN "OnLive" like capability where my stationary gaming PC acts as the server. This would allow me to keep my gaming PC in my office but give me Steam Big Picture access to any TV in my house.

I recently bought a cheaper 39" TV for my office and ran an HDMI cable from my PC to the TV so my wife and I can enjoy a few games more comfortably with an Xbox 360 Controller, but changing video settings, sound settings, etc is an clunky multi-step process (plus the fact of being limited to the TV closest to my PC and having to run a long HDMI cable). It's nice having TV setup for some Steam Big Picture gaming, but i would love it to be more flexible and only limited to where I have home network access.

Anyone else think this would be pretty awesome? I think this would be a better move than Valve making a cheaper gaming PC in a console form factor.