Wall Street & Nokia

i feel like many wall street crooks, "analysts", and investors want to see Nokia fail. they keep manipulating the market and lowering the value of nokia's stock. it's as though they want to crush Nokia under their feet while they scream "die die die already dam it" . it's like they feel that the Lumia 920 is the unwanted guest that has the potential to ruin their iphone party. the good news is that some publications like Forbes are highlighting the fact that the press, analysts and millionaires love apple and show partiality and favoritism towards it. interestingly many of apple's investors are millionaires themselves.

in other words, apple, specifically the iphone, seems to be the cash cow of many rich men who dont mind to use their influence to ensure that the iphone sells well, so they can profit even more.

here's hoping that MS stands by Nokia and gives it traction here in the US, the land of apple addicts and wall street Nokia haters.

how do you guys feel about the Nokia stock trend? do you understand it?